58 Degrees North Restoration & Construction AB is a family business founded by three brothers: Rinalds, Arvis and Ikars Putnins. At the end of 2013 we formed a Swedish limited liability company. Along the way we have grown from being solely three brothers to a stable, well known construction company 24 employees strong. We have developed a steady expansive growth plan for the years to come.

We have focused our efforts in two main areas of construction: joinery / wood construction and metalwork. In both departments we have staff with expertise and extraordinary skills. We operate predominately in the Örebro with our office just outside of Örebro. We also routinely operate throughout Sweden with projects in Nybro, Stockholm, Gothenburg and many other cities.

Our objects include everything from small private construction projects to major public projects. Our projects range from roof renovation and construction to entirely new multi-home construction. Some notable builds that we have participated in are Örebro University´s "Nova house" in Örebro (awarded Örebro Municipality building prize 2015), Disponent Park in Örebro, Nybro Energy in Nybro, Röhnisch Sportswear in Örebro and the construction of a new apartment housing project in Varberga, Örebro.